ll Ramo d'Oro is situated in the smallest village of the Castelli Romani on the Diana lake close to oak and chestnut groves. The legend tells that in ancient times this was the home of divinities: The lake sprang from an extinct volcano that has hidden Caligula two ancient ships for centuries. The farmers of Nemi cultivated the land by the lake and planted all kinds of flowers which are still today being artistically prepared for trade by the florists of Nemi. The restaurant Ramo d'Oro offers its customers a variety of the best of Nemi's products and, besides the herbs of its` rich cuisine, provide recipes with many kinds of mushrooms and game. Besides its cuisine, Nemi offers many treasures, as the landscape lies on a unique historical and archaeological site and was founded before Rome.

Close to Ramo d'Oro you can visit the Ruspoli Castle. The construction started in the X th century and is the most ancient castle in the area. Other archeological treasures are the Tempio di Diana Nemorensis, Emissario, Villa di Cesare, Museo delle Navi. Nemi has been visited, appreciated, sung about and painted by many artists Among them were writers Hans Christian Andersen, Goethe, Stendhal, d'Annunzio. The musician Gounod inspired by the lake at night, wrote Ave Maria. (On his guitar you can read the inscription, Nemi, 24 aprile 1862). Many landscape painters of the XVIII century, among them Turner, immortalized the lake, the woods and the little streets of Nemi. Lord Byron remembered Nemi in his Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and the people of Nemi once dedicated the Belvedere Terrace of Piazza Roma to him. Il Ramo d'Oro is situated in the Nemi area (521 m. a.s.l) and that of the Parco Regionale Suburbano dei Castelli Romani. Nemi´s climate, is cool and fresh in the summer, allowing violet and cyclamen to flower in the woods and mushrooms and wild strawberries to grow.

Il Ramo d'Oro is open for lunch and dinner 6 days a week. Wednesday we are closed. Saturday and Sunday we serve fresh fish.

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